About our research

Research indicates that family violence and all forms of violence against women are preventable if we work together as a community to address the underlying causes or drivers of violence. This approach is called primary prevention and is a long-term approach focused on preventing violence from happening in the first place.  

Rather than focusing on the behaviour of perpetrators, primary prevention goes deeper. Primary prevention focuses on the whole community and the systemic structural and social drivers that allow violence to happen. 

While some research into the specific social norms and practices that drive violence against women already exists and continues, there is still more work to be done to ensure all Victorians live free from violence.  

About our work  

Our research and evaluation work includes:  

  • Partnering with research institutions to undertake research that builds our understanding of the drivers of family violence and violence against women from different backgrounds and communities, and what works to prevent this violence from occurring.  
  • Collating and reporting data that enables us to monitor long-term, population-level progress towards the primary prevention of family violence and violence against women in Victoria. 
  • Monitoring, evaluation and translation activities that contribute to building an understanding of what works in primary prevention, improving primary prevention programming, and sector capacity building. 

When partnering with research institutions, we prioritise a participatory approach to research. Many of our partners co-design their work with people with lived experience of discrimination and violence to embed their wisdom, knowledge and perspectives.  

This participatory approach to work builds evidence, informs policy development and improves the way that government, industry, organisations and communities work to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women.