Respect Women: 'Call It Out' (Cafe)

This campaign brings men into the conversation about family violence, providing them with the tools to call out disrespectful and sexist behaviour.

Why? To some people, these behaviours can seem harmless enough or simply not their business, being between a husband and wife or a guy and his girlfriend.

But research shows they are actually some of the most well-known drivers of family violence. And even if a man being sexist or disrespectful isn’t actually violent, their behaviour contributes to the culture that supports and enables family violence.

We know men want to be able to call out this behaviour. We also know how important it is they do it. This campaign gives them the tools to call it out.

When to call it out

When someone is disrespecting a woman or making her uncomfortable, call it out.

It might be someone:

  • Making a sexist joke
  • Demeaning a family member or putting them down
  • Controlling how their partner or family member spends money
  • Controlling their partner's movements
  • Trying to stop their partner seeing friends or family.

If you don’t feel confident to call it out, there are still things you can do, which are explained below.

As long as you feel safe to.

How to call it out

You don’t have to say much. Just something. Watch these videos and you’ll hear guys saying things like: "That's not funny mate" and "That's not okay".