A safe Victoria, for everyone.

It all starts with respect


A safe Victoria,
for everyone.

It all starts with respect.

Respect Victoria

A community built on respect is inclusive. It is happier. And it is safer.

Without respect: behaviours like sexist jokes, racist comments, discrimination and financial control seem acceptable.

That's why Respect Victoria is dedicated to changing them. We are a new organisation, focused on the prevention of all forms of family violence for all Victorians. No matter their, gender, age, sexuality or cultural background.

Prevention means stopping violence before it starts, by changing the culture that allows it to happen. And doing that starts with respect.

If you, or someone you know is experiencing family violence, help is available.

We are dedicated to the prevention of family violence, which means stopping violence before it starts. Learn more about why we were established and where we fit in.

Primary prevention is about stopping violence before it starts. We do this by changing the culture that allows violence to happen. Learn more about our work to build communities based on respect.

Victoria is working hard to prevent family violence. We can do this best when we know what works. Learn more about our research into what works to stop family violence before it starts.

Many organisations are working to create a culture of respect. Learn more about how we plan to endorse these programs and provide a road map for others to follow.

Our vision is for a Victoria free from violence, where all Victorians are equal, empowered and respected, at home and everywhere.

Our latest campaign

Call it out

To end family violence we need to recognise how it starts. It starts with a lack of respect for women. Whether it’s just a joke or a passing remark, when a mate says something about women that you think isn’t right, let him know about it. Speak up. Staying silent means you accept what he said, and he gets away with it. You don’t have to say much, just something. Respect Women - Call It Out