Our board

Mudiwa Chipungu
Board Observer

Mudiwa is a senior leader with extensive experience in retail, consulting, warehousing (FMCG), telecommunications and governance. Mudiwa has over 22 years industry experience including her time at Coles. She has always thrived in roles where she can bring her whole of enterprise mindset and collaboratively bring together strategy, people, processes, and technology to create improved outcomes and stronger organisations. Her specialties include end-to-end supply chain, creating high performance teams, business transformations and large-scale operations.

Mudiwa is a Respect Victoria 'board observer'. She has joined our team through The Observership Program - an initiative founded to facilitate the involvement of young, talented and energetic individuals in a structured experience on non-profit and Government appointed boards. The Observership Program provides training and practical experience in not-for-profit and Government appointed board leadership and ongoing networking opportunities to create a passionate and motivated community of future leaders.