Respect Victoria

A safe Victoria, for everyone.

It all starts with respect


A safe Victoria,
for everyone.

It all starts with respect.

Informing change

For a Victoria free from Violence, we need to know what works.

While there is research into the attitudes, practices and power relations that drive family violence, there is still a lot to be done.

Respect Victoria aims to fill this gap.

We are developing a clear research framework to help us:

  • Test outcomes of family violence prevention activities
  • Work with our partners to measure outcomes consistently
  • Commission research into the prevention of all forms of family violence across various settings
  • Develop and implement guidelines for primary prevention activities
  • Provide advice to government and non-government organisations to ensure their activities are evidence-based.

The first step is establishing an alliance of key partners in the health, social services, education and other sectors to coordinate our research and primary prevention work. Together, we will identify gaps and focus areas to inform our research agenda.

Learn more about our role and how we fit into the family violence sector

Our vision is for a Victoria free from violence, where all Victorians are equal, empowered and respected, at home and everywhere.