Respect Victoria: fulfilling Recommendation 188 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence

Respect Victoria is officially recognised as a Statutory Authority – fulfilling Recommendation 188 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

As a Statutory Authority, we are impartial and independent to government.

We will work day in, day out, for the benefit and safety of all Victorians. We all have the right to live free from violence.

What is a Statutory Authority?

A statutory authority is a body set up by law which is authorised to enact legislation on behalf of the relevant country or state. So, Respect Victoria is responsible for ensuring that the Prevention of Family Violence Act (2018) is upheld. We have the authority to hold government, ourselves, and the community to account on our commitment to preventing family violence.
Being a Statutory Authority means our functions and powers are protected by law.

Why is this unique/helpful?

As a Statutory Authority, Respect Victoria sits outside of the public service. We act independently, without government influence, and play a significant role in guiding the government’s approach to family violence prevention.

As a Statutory Authority we lead the statewide commitment to prevent of all forms of family violence in Victoria with an objective and empathic lens.

Want to know more?

Respect Victoria’s functions are outlined in section 6 of the Family Violence Act 2018 and include:

  • researching trends in family violence
  • assessing and endorsing programs to assist in prevention of family violence
  • assisting the government to develop policy and make decisions in relation to the prevention of family violence and violence against women
  • engaging the whole Victorian community to change the culture that allows family violence to happen in the first place.
Recommendation 188 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence: Fulfilled

Recommendation 188

The Victorian Government resource an initiative (either inside or outside government) [within 18 months] to:

  • oversee prevention of family violence activities in Victoria
  • provide policy and technical advice to policy makers – including government – on primary prevention
  • provide to organisations technical advice and expertise on building primary prevention in their organisations and within communities
  • coordinate research that builds evidence around the primary prevention of all forms of family violence
  • ensure that accredited workforce development training in primary prevention is available through registered training organisations.

This Victorian initiative should be undertaken in close collaboration with Our Watch, ANROWS (Australia's National Organisation for Women's Safety) and other relevant bodies.