Our board

Jan Noblett
Board Director

Jan Noblett is the Director of Quality and Outcomes at Anglicare Victoria – one of the state's largest providers of services to children, youth, and families in Victoria. She is responsible for a range of risk management, compliance and quality improvement functions including the measurement of performance and client outcomes. Jan commenced her career as a child protection worker, moving to senior leadership roles and then Director of the Victorian Youth Justice program. At the Department of Justice and Community Safety Jan then held senior executive roles across a wide range of Justice Services including the operation of several prisons, community correctional services, Sheriffs, the Adult Parole Board reforms and the provision of health and mental health services across the prison system. Jan’s exposure to family violence throughout her career has motivated her to strongly advocate for prevention.

Jan’s most recent Board appointment was the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (Forensicare) and she is a graduate of the AICD.