Five years on: Respect Victoria reflects on the Royal Commission into Family Violence

Five years on from the Royal Commission into Family Violence

Today marks five years since the Royal Commission into Family Violence concluded in Victoria.

With 25 days of public hearings, community conversations with more than 800 Victorians, and almost 1,000 written submissions, it was a powerful and historic undertaking. 

Victim-survivors, families of those who experienced violence, experts in the field and service providers generously and courageously shared their experiences and insight.

The result was 227 recommendations that continue to change Victoria’s family violence system for the better.

“Respect Victoria exists as a direct result of the Royal Commission into Family Violence,” said Respect Victoria Chair Melanie Eagle. 

“Without the stories, expertise, and generosity of victim-survivors and their loved ones, we would not have been able to take so many significant steps towards a safe, respectful and equal Victoria.” 

The Commission made it clear that investing in primary prevention, to stop violence before it starts, is paramount in preventing family violence and violence against women. 

“This is long-term, generational work, and the Royal Commission has allowed us to start the journey,” Ms Eagle concluded.

Since Respect Victoria was established in October 2018, the organisation has developed and delivered ground-breaking campaigns and research and is proud to lead the way in primary prevention in Victoria.  

“It is clear in only five years that people are demanding change. From schools, to the halls of Parliament, to marches in every city, we are seeing people call for an end to family violence and violence against women,” said Respect Victoria CEO Tracey Gaudry.

“Changing the attitudes and behaviours that drive family violence and violence against women is not an easy task, and we must approach this challenge as a community.” 

“We continue to dedicate our work to victim-survivors, to those whose lives have been taken from them, and to every person who made this historic reform a reality,” said Ms Gaudry.