Pride, Respect, Equality: Call for Victorians to support LGBTIQ+ family members

We all deserve to be safe and respected in our families, relationships, and communities.

Media Release

February 4, 2022

Respect Victoria is proud to re-launch the Pride, Respect, Equality campaign this Sunday 6 February, calling on families to respect, support and celebrate LGBTIQ+ relatives.

We all deserve to be safe and respected in our families, relationships, and communities, but LGBTIQ+ people continue to face family violence and discrimination driven by outdated attitudes towards gender and sexuality.

Pride, Respect, Equality asks parents, siblings and families to listen to, learn from and stand alongside LGBTIQ+ relatives,” said Respect Victoria CEO Emily Maguire.

“Family members are in a unique position to lead with respect and create an environment where LGBTIQ+ people feel safe in their relationships and family to have their sexuality or gender identity affirmed, and feel comfortable to ask for what they need,” said Ms Maguire.

LGBTIQ+ community members can face specific forms of discrimination and violence that are unique to their sexuality or gender identity, including: rejection from family, misgendering or deadnaming, denied access to medication, and faith or religious-motivated abuse.

When Pride, Respect, Equality first launched in 2021, Respect Victoria shared Sage and Leila’s story.

After a difficult start, Leila made a decision to support and celebrate Sage and their identity.

“Mum did the work. She put in the time to find out, do the research, to learn what was going on. And now, we talk on the phone every day,” said Sage.

Two new stories of support will be launched during the new iteration of the campaign, featuring twin brothers from regional Victoria and a mother and daughter from Melbourne.

“As families and communities we can work together to challenge outdated gender norms and discrimination by supporting LGBTIQ+ loved ones at home, and in the places we work, learn, and play,” said Ms Maguire.

The campaign will run on radio, YouTube and broadcast on demand, press and social media. Parts of the campaign will also run in Greek, Italian, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.