Respect Victoria reflects on two years of family violence prevention

Two years of championing gender equality and tuning Victorians in to the subtle pre-cursors of violence. Respect Victoria celebrates second anniversary.

This Sunday 4 October marks the second anniversary of the establishment of Respect Victoria as the state’s first agency dedicated to the primary prevention of all forms of family violence and violence against women. 

“Two years on, Respect Victoria is pursuing its mission of building a future where all Victorians are safe, equal and respected,” said Respect Victoria Chair Melanie Eagle. 

“The organisation has achieved significant milestones, developed and delivered groundbreaking campaigns and research, and is leading the way in understanding and addressing the drivers of family violence and violence against women,” Ms Eagle said. 

In 2019-20, Respect Victoria delivered four public behaviour change campaigns, designed to challenge the social norms, stereotypes and culture that perpetuate violence.

“Our campaigns play a critical role in speaking to Victoria’s unique and diverse community to raise awareness of the drivers of family violence and violence against women and to facilitate cultural change,” said Respect Victoria CEO Tracey Gaudry.   

“Throughout the year, critical research action projects began to unpack and build evidence around what works to prevent elder abuse, LGBTIQ+ family violence and violence against women with disabilities. 

“The recent release of the National Community Attitudes Survey (NCAS) toolkit supports practitioners to understand and use data effectively in their work, and work continues on the comprehensive Family Violence Prevention Platform which will enable Victoria to measure and monitor trends over time.

“From March 2020, the organisation moved quickly to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on preventing family violence. 

“This included adapting awareness raising campaigns to address the threat of an increase in family violence and violence against women during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring safety, equality and respect is a primary focus for Victorian communities during this incredibly difficult time,” Ms Gaudry added.

“Our work is dedicated to those whose lives have been taken from them, and those who continue to suffer from violence. We celebrate that here in Victoria there has been the commitment to establishing an agency to achieve this critical work, but we know the vision is long term and we have much more to do,” Ms Eagle concluded.