LGBTIQ+ Transition to Parenthood

Building the evidence to prevent violence against LGBTIQ+ people.
Commissioned by Respect Victoria
Conducted by Drummond Street Services' Centre for Family Research and Evaluation
Date July 2021


The New Parents, New Possibilities project is the first of its kind in Australia and includes a report and a series of resources developed by the team at Drummond Street Services' Centre for Family Research and Evaluation.

The project aimed to:

  • Build knowledge around family violence for LGBTIQ+ parents during the transition to parenthood, including the identification of early risk factors for the onset of family violence
  • Co-design, develop and pilot a series of family violence prevention initiatives for the perinatal service sector and LGBTIQ+ community.

Researchers placed a strong focus on co-production with LGBTIQ+ parents and families, as well as perinatal service providers throughout the project.

You know that you're under an extra level of scrutiny and you know if you need additional services or supports, they're probably not going to be LGBTIQ aware and informed, and so that's just going to add an extra level of stress to your relationship and your life.
(Non-binary, queer parent)

Key findings

The key findings of the report include:

  • Cisnormativity, heteronormativity, gendered norms, and the prioritisation of biological relationships across society marginalise LGBTIQ+ parents and provide the context for discrimination and family violence
  • Discrimination and a lack of inclusive service delivery are common experiences for LGBTIQ+ parents throughout their transition to parenthood
  • Experiences of discrimination and marginalisation across community environments, perinatal services, workplaces, and public spaces contributes to unrealistic pressure for LGBTIQ+ parents, creating a barrier to help-seeking when faced with relationship and other wellbeing challenges during the transition to parenthood.

I can't actually change my gender on my birth certificate, otherwise I can't prove that I'm my child's parent. It's a really big issue.
(Trans man, queer parent)

Report and resources

Full report

For new LGBTIQ+ parents:

For family members, friends, colleagues or loved ones of LGBTIQ+ parents:

For those working in the Perinatal Sector: