LGBTIQ+ Transition to Parenthood


New Parents, New Possibilities - LGBTIQ+ Transition to Parenthood Project

New Parents, New Possibilities unpacks the experience of LGBTIQ+ people in the transition to parenthood, with a focus on understanding and preventing family violence. 

The project is the first of its kind in Australia, and includes a report and a series of resources developed by the team at drummond street’s Centre for Family Research and Evaluation, commissioned by Respect Victoria. 

The key findings of the report include: 

  • Cisnormativity, heteronormativity, gendered norms and the prioritisation of biological relationships across society marginalise LGBTIQ+ parents and provide the context for discrimination and family violence. During the transition to parenthood period, it was identified that these norms are embedded in processes of legal recognition (or lack thereof), reproductive and perinatal service systems and organisations, new parent communities and groups, workplaces and families. 
  • Discrimination and a lack of inclusive service delivery are common experiences for LGBTIQ+ parents throughout their transition to parenthood. A lack of screening of LGBTIQ+ parents for family violence during the transition to parenthood is informed by and contributes to expectations that family violence only occurs between cisgender people in heterosexual relationships. 
  • Experiences of discrimination and marginalisation across community environments, perinatal services, workplaces and public spaces contributes to unrealistic pressure for LGBTIQ+ parents to be the ‘perfect queer family’, thus creating a barrier to help-seeking when faced with relationship and other wellbeing challenges during the transition to parenthood. 

To access the full report and associated reports of interest to the community, new LGBTIQ+ parents and people working in the perinatal sector, please download the links below.

Take a look at the Community Booklet if you are a family member, friend, colleague or loved one of LGBTIQ+ parents.

If you are a new LGBTIQ+ parent, take a look at our Parent Booklet – created by LGBTIQ+ families, for LGBTIQ+ families.

If you work in the perinatal or an adjacent sector, the Perinatal Sector Booklet has been designed to support you in providing inclusive services to LGBTIQ+ parents.