Primary Prevention of Elder Abuse in Victoria

Primary prevention of family violence among older people living in Victoria

The Primary Prevention of Family Violence Among Older People Living in Victoria report and pilot program, funded by Respect Victoria and conducted by the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI), investigates the effects of primary prevention interventions as a tool for preventing elder abuse.

While elder abuse and violence against older people is underreported, available data tells us that up to 14% of older people experience violence in some form. Elder abuse is a significant human rights issue, with ageism as one of its core drivers. 

Researchers at NARI undertook this project to increase knowledge about the drivers of elder abuse, and to investigate strategies for prevention. This project includes a rapid evidence review, several co-design workshops with older people and their families or carers, and the development of an intergenerational pilot program.

Read the full report below to discover the findings of this unique project:

Review of Primary Prevention Interventions in Elder Abuse

The review was guided by the following questions: Which drivers (and risk factors) of elder abuse have been the focus of primary (and secondary) prevention programs/interventions; What are the effects of primary (and secondary) prevention interventions and what are the factors that influence the effectiveness of elder abuse interventions?