Primary Prevention Research Symposium


Respect Victoria has a legislative remit to build and promote primary prevention knowledge and evidence to prevent family violence and violence against women. In August 2023 we brought together partners to identify opportunities for prevention research in Victoria and nationally. The symposium included participants from across the family violence and violence against women sector, academic researchers and government.  

Key discussion points

The symposium covered a range of opportunities for progressing prevention research, including:

  • how findings inform practice and policy, including practice knowledge as important evidence
  • the use of shared definitions, frameworks and data sets  
  • the role of decolonisation in prevention work
  • the need for better collaboration with community organisations  
  • addressing the overlapping drivers of multiple forms of family violence
  • understanding perpetration of violence  
  • understanding community attitudes to violence, including backlash and resistance.

A summary of these discussions, opportunities and questions for further exploration are presented in the summary report.  

Read the report