Respect Starts With A Conversation

Respect is challenging rigid gender stereotypes at home, with your friends, and in your community
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Rigid gender stereotypes put limitations on people

We all deserve to be respected for who we are. But, growing up, many of us are told stories about the ‘right’ way to be a man or a woman. That we should have certain skills, likes and dislikes based on our gender rather than who we are as a person.    

These stories keep us from being ourselves. They filter through our homes, families, relationships and communities, and put limits on people. When we uphold harmful gender stereotypes and dominant forms of masculinity, we're less likely to challenge men’s violence against women. 

How do we change the story?

Change starts with a conversation. This could be talking to your partner about how you share the housework, chatting to your mates about relationships, or starting discussions at your footy club about making sure women and men, and girls and boys are treated equally. 

Let's start talking, so we can build a future where we are all safe, equal and respected for who we are - not who we're told to be.

How you can start the conversation

With your partner
  • Talking to your partner about how you share the housework. Challenge the expectation that women should be primary caregivers while men 'go to work'
  • Don't congratulate men for taking care of the kids when it is part of being a parent or carer 
With your friends
  • Challenging the expectation that men need to be tough and strong, that talking about feelings is a weakness 
  • Allowing young men, the freedom to redefine what it is to be masculine
At your sports club
  • Ensuring community spaces like sporting clubs give women access to the same amenities as men
  • Finding out whether there’s a good mix of men and women sharing tasks and duties. Who is running the canteen? Are men playing an active role in club admin? Are women coaching? 
  • Role modelling an inclusive culture.  Are kids observing spaces where everyone belongs? 

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Support pathways

If you are experiencing family violence, concerned for your safety, or in an emergency situation please call 000 for urgent police assistance. For a comprehensive list of recommended specialists support organisations refer to the contact us section of Respect Victoria's website.