New campaign encourages Victorians to defy gender stereotypes

Change starts with a conversation.

A new campaign from Respect Victoria showcases Victorians challenging outdated gender stereotypes in their relationships and communities. 

The campaign features conversations between friends, a couple, and colleagues who have made a choice to pave a new path. 

Their conversations prompt us to think about the stories we all grew up with about gender, and the ‘right’ way to be a man or a woman. 

Outdated gender stereotypes filter through our homes, families, relationships and communities, and put limits on us all. They create a culture where gender inequality and violence against women thrive.

The new campaign encourages Victorians to start having conversations to challenge these stereotypes. 

“When I think about respect in relationships, I think about communication and being open to listening, and hearing each other.” – Ed 

Learn more about the campaign and watch the conversations on the Respect Starts With A Conversation campaign webpage.